Akwa Ibom Leaders Vanguard Raise Alarm, Over NNPC’s “Special Projects” In The North

Elders on the platform of the Akwa Ibom Leaders Vanguard, have questioned the rationale behind the location of a Petrochemical Refinery in Daura, Kastina State, the home State of President Muhammadu Buhari, while Akwa Ibom State has no Federal presence, despite its enormous contributions to the Federal purse.
They also queried why the Federal Government’s “special projects” are being executed and paid for by the national oil regulator, the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, NNPC, from the revenue it should be remitting to the national treasury.
Addressing Newsmen in Uyo, the State capital, on Thursday, Leader of the group, Senator Anietie Okon, flanked by other Leaders, decried the rot in the Federal system, as evident in the PMS under-recovery deductions, which had witnessed 62 percent increase to N45 billion, within a month.
The Leaders also expressed concerns over the simmering insecurity in the land, and charged the National Assembly to immediately review the skewed elements of the Constitution, as it affects internal security, Community and State Policing, as recommended, to allow for States to deploy legal structures, instead of the self-help that the nation has been consigned to.
He said: “We request NNPC to, as a matter of urgency, explain the criteria for the location and distribution of the so-called special projects, as none is seen in Akwa Ibom. One wonders why the State has not been considered fit for the location of any NNPC subsidiary.
“We decry the misuse of our sons to perpetuate confusion at the Niger Delta Development Commission, NDDC, by way of inefficiency, under the tarred disguise of forensic investigation, endless board formations, and ad-hoc recklessness.

“Sadly, our kith refuse to see the withered hand of Esau, in these self-styled destruction attempts by the cabal and their willing cronies, on the overall non-development or prolonged deprivation of the Niger Delta, while the North-East Development Commission flourishes.
“Let it be known that the resources as generated from the hydrocarbon deposits in the Niger Delta region, have been dubiously channelled into the wasteful prospecting of oil in the Chad Basin, and recent day and night construction of a Petrochemical refinery in Daura, Katsina State.
“This nepotistic infrastructure strategy completely negates the oath of allegiance sworn by the President, as a sudden attraction of institutions including universities, refineries, etc, find Katsina, particularly Daura, an attractive location, against the principle of national interest, above private considerations.
“While we slumber, NNPC engages in Federal Government “Special Projects”, to the tune of N43 billion, from N16 billion, in December, causing us to wonder why the Federal Government project is being executed and paid for by NNPC, from the revenue it should remit to the treasury.”

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