North Korea’s First Confirmed Coronavirus Patient Has Been Shot Dead, Allegedly

For weeks, the outside world has speculated about the severity of the coronavirus outbreak in North Korea, and the entire time, North Korea has persisted in insisting that it does not have a coronavirus problem, even growing furious at a public offer of assistance from the United States, US, State Department.

According to reports, for all we know about the North Korean virus response, the government may have simply brainwashed the North Korean people into believing that loyalty to the Workers Party and Supreme Leader, Kim Jong Un, grants immunity to the virus. However, there have been whispers.

A few weeks ago, there were whispers that one of the first coronavirus patients in the country was brutally killed by the regime, after escaping from a (probably unimaginably brutal) quarantine. Moreover, according to the rumour, he was executed via the traditional North Korean punishment of extirpating criminals, by shooting them with an anti-aircraft slug, allegedly.

Now, IB Times, IBT, a shady English-language news website, with a reputation for occasionally scooping its more cautious competitors, is reporting that Kim Jong Un allegedly ordered the execution of the country’s first coronavirus patient. IBT cited an anonymous Twitter account called “Secret Beijing”, claiming that it has a history of reporting accurately.
According to Secret Beijing, an anonymous social media Commentator, who termed himself as an Analyst on China affairs, the patient was shot dead. The story is still developing, and there is still no clarity on the details of the patient executed by North Korea.

The account points out that such brutal tactics are in line with the regime’s reputation.

It had been suggested last week, that the patient had left quarantine to visit a public bath, and was killed for doing so. The victim caught the virus in China, allegedly, and brought it back to North Korea.

Pyongyang reportedly told the World Health Organisation, WHO, that it had tested 141 suspected cases of coronavirus, and that all came out negative.

The South Korean Press has reported that several cases have been identified in the North, with some of them leading to deaths, mirroring what is happening in Iran’s obviously overwhelmed health-care system.

It is believed that fear of the virus has kept Kim from appearing in public, over the past few weeks. 

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