A 21-Year Old Spanish Football Coach Suffering From Leukaemia, Francisco Garcia, Has Died From The Deadly Coronavirus

Emerging reports revealed that a 21-year-old Spanish Football Coach, Francisco Garcia, has died of the deadly coronavirus, after his Doctors also diagnosed him with leukaemia.

Francisco Garcia, who managed the Junior Team of Malaga-based Club, Atletico Portada Alta, was rushed to the Hospital, with severe symptoms of the virus.

However, when he arrived, the Doctors also identified the deadly blood cancer, leukaemia; they said that he would have survived, if he was not suffering from the pre-existing medical condition.

Spain declared a state of emergency, last week, as it ramped up efforts to stop the disease from spreading. It is the second worst hit European country, having reported more than 8,000 cases, and 297 deaths. 

Garcia is believed to be the youngest victim of coronavirus, and the fifth person in the Malaga region, to die from the disease.

It was further reported that his leukaemia was not detected until he was taken to the Hospital, with the coronavirus symptoms.

“He went to the Clinical Hospital, thinking that he had a bad cold”, a source said, adding: “But they ended up detecting pneumonia.

“The Doctors did tests and more tests, and in addition to confirming that he had a coronavirus, it was learned that he had leukaemia.

“He fought for a few days, and finally died this Sunday.”

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