Coronavirus: Germany Imposes Public Gathering Restriction Of Not More Than 2 People, On Its Citizens And Residents

Germany has imposed a public gathering restriction of not more than two people, on its citizens and residents; marking yet another stringent step in the fight to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

Angela Merkel, the country’s Chancellor, announced on Sunday, that no more than two people should henceforth be seen together in public. Authorities also said that citizens should keep a minimum distance of 1.5 metres between them.

Essential travels to work or support a sick family member, have been deemed appropriate. Restaurants have been restricted to only home delivery and pick-ups.

Germany has been at the top of countries hardest hit by the rampaging Covid-19, recording about 24,000 confirmed infections as at Sunday evening, Johns Hopkins University data showed.

92 Covid-19-related deaths have been recorded in Germany, and 266 infected patients have recovered.

After Italy and Spain, Germany is the next country with the highest number of coronavirus infections in Europe; but the country has managed to record fewer deaths in comparison to Italy and Spain, whose fatalities have risen exponentially in recent days. Both countries have since announced total lock down measures to curb all, but essential forms of human movement in their jurisdictions.

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