Coronavirus Pandemic: Why Nigeria Needs To Lock Down Sooner, Rather Than Later; By Bobby Ezidi

My name is Bobby, and it is my thinking that all of Nigeria should be on lock down, from Monday, 23rd March, 2020. My reasons are:

We have only 5 testing centres in Nigeria; The first case in Nigeria, the Italian came in on the 24th of February, 2020. Since then, several people have entered Nigeria from Countries with high cases of Coronavirus. Today is 21st March, 2020. As of today, we have 20 active cases of Coronavirus. Total of confirmed cases is 22; 2 have recovered.

You can infect others, even if you do not know you are sick, if you are not showing symptoms. You can look healthy, but be passing it on. People get tested so far in Nigeria, when they start showing symptoms, so we miss those who are not showing symptoms, but are infecting others.

The new ones they infect, pass it onto others without showing symptoms as well, and the list goes on. (Remember this list). One of the index cases that was confirmed today, the 21st of March, entered Nigeria on the 13th of March. So, he has been contagious for almost a week before he was confirmed. Those he infected will possibly infect others.

Confirmed cases do not represent the actual cases of those infected in Nigeria. It only represents those who have come forward for testing and have been tested, or those government mandatorily tested. So, there are definitely more infected persons than have been confirmed. We are not testing enough.

5 Testing Centres for all of Nigeria is not nearly enough. We have over 200 million people. And an active travelling population. Of the 22 confirmed cases, some of them got infected within Nigeria. They did not get it abroad, they got infected in Nigeria. If you put the country on lock down, everyone will be home. Those who are infected, but are asymptomatic, will be indoors. They will not infect others. When they start showing symptoms they will be admitted and treated. An initial period of two weeks is advisable, because all the asymptomatic persons will show symptoms within two weeks and will be isolated and treated.

The longer we wait to put the country on lock down, the longer we will put the country on lock down when we eventually do, because we definitely will. (Remember that list that goes on).

Nigeria does not have the facilities to treat too many people at the same time. If we tarry, we will definitely be overwhelmed. So, lock down now; the numbers can still be managed. Thank goodness there is a flight restriction that took effect today, 21st March, but we need to ensure no international flight comes in from any country, except the planes are bringing back Nigerians, or those resident in Nigeria. When they disembark, they must be quarantined by government for 14 days, to ensure those infected get treated, and do not infect the populace.

Finally, inject a lot of money into Health; start building treatment facilities, start building a lot. Hire more Doctors, pay them well. In fact, guarantee their benefits and payments. Upgrade other Health Professionals to assist. Nigeria should brace for the storm. It surely is coming, but if we lock down now, we could get ahead of it.

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  • This is sound!

    Keep up the good work.

    And I pray the appropriate authorities will read, hear and act.

  • Bobby thank u so much for this. U made a very good point. It is better we take the basic precautions, let there be lockdown b4 its too late , to avoid what is happening around the globe (Italy ) there unseriois attitude at the initial stages of this deadly virus, they underestimated it and before they know it, this deadly virus took over their country and seriously dealing with them. Pls my fellow Nigerians , especially the Nigerian govt should pls pls be so concerned and worried about the infection spreading , let there be lockdown now not later, stay at home as much as possible and follow instructions provided , let’s not take things for granted to avoid regret later pls.

  • Yes Bobby Esq.
    Ur observation n suggestions are apt.

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