Covid-19: For APC National Chairman, Adams Oshiomhole, God Is Ever-Faithful For Testing Negative; By John Mayaki

Isolate self, avoid any further contact, and undergo a medical test to ascertain status are the three-step recommendation of the Nigeria Center for Disease Control to citizens of the country who suspect they may have been exposed to the coronavirus disease, particularly in meetings with returnees from affected countries.

It was an admonition that became essential following the indifference – or nonchalance – of some Nigerians who were convinced that the rampaging virus is no match for the heat of the African continent or the famed strength of the black man genes. Those with this belief, or delusion, lived as normal even with the best awareness efforts of the NCDC, and attributed the warnings to different conspiracy theories making the rounds on social media, especially Whatsapp, the messaging platform that has, in recent times, become a fertile ground for purveyors of fake news to plant the seed of misinformation.

But they received a rude shock when news of infections across the country made the headlines with the state of Lagos and capital city of Abuja receiving the undesired title of chief hosts after recording the most numbers.

The health ministry and the NCDC doubled awareness efforts, alongside testing and care in isolation centers in strategic points in the country, and preached patriotism to all, though it needed models who could demonstrate this, unstaged, to the army of naysayers and doubting Thomases. Luckily, this came when Adams Oshiomhole, the principled National Chairman of the All Progressives Congress, in yet another demonstration of responsibility and leadership, withdrew from the public in observation of self-isolation and announced the closure of the national secretariat of the ruling party in Abuja.

He did this in response to information that some high-profile government officials who he shared a room with after their return from affected countries in the West, tested positive for the virus. Though the chance of exposure was low, Adams Oshiomhole, aware of what was at risk, and unwilling to be an involuntary vector of the disease, causing a cycle of fresh infections and placing further pressure on the NCDC, willingly sequestered himself and showed to all Nigerians, and indeed the opposition PDP, that concerns for public health and wellbeing trumps all other considerations, including politics.

Whilst in isolation, Adams Oshiomhole underwent a test. And so the country, members of the party and other stakeholders waited with bated breath – with prayers and intentions, even if they very and occupy different spots in the broad spectrum of good and bad.

As his followers, admirers and other patriots waited with positive prayers and optimism that he tests negative so he can join hands with the leadership of the country in confronting the unseen but potent organism that is forcing closure of borders and the economy, his detractors, like Saul did to David when he sought to quieten him in the Holy Book, also sent their emissaries to keep watch over the house of Oshiomhole.

So enlivened were they that they couldn’t even wait for the official result of the test before speculating evil things with the belief that by proclaiming the content of their embittered hearts, it would manifest in reality. But today, like the day the prophet Samuel broke the news of the Lord’s rejection to Saul, their plot unraveled before their very eyes as Oshiomhole was declared negative to the virus.

For patriots and those who are wise enough to hide their partisan cloak, even if for this period of an unprecedented assault on our socio-economic well-being by the virus, Oshiomhole’s negative outcome is relieving news. For the others, their hearts are broken into splinters and their plot, once again, foiled. But neither tears nor attention do we have to offer them; the nation is busy, we are at war – and one of our trusted soldiers, Adams Oshiomhole, has been given the green light to return to the front and lead the line again. For this, we are happy and we congratulate well-meaning Nigerians.

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