Dear Nigerian Politicians, I Hope You Repent From Your Wicked Ways After This Coronavirus Pandemic; By Salisu Abdulai

Dear Nigerian Politicians,

I hope this meets you well.

I may not represent the voice of every young Nigerian, or every Nigerian, especially those who are loyal to individuals and political parties, instead of the country, which I do not hope to represent anyway, but I believe I do represent the voice of Nigerians, who wish the best for this nation, and want to see us do greatly with better leadership and Leaders.

The coronavirus global pandemic is here with us, a virus most of us did not see coming, a virus that has made all human beings equal before its eyes, as it can infect and kill anyone (rich, poor, politician, petty trader, president, prime minister, bricklayer, pope, imam, pastor, chief of staff, governor, musician, blind, dump, anyone), and most importantly, as it pertains to us and our Leaders, a virus that has exposed how bad our Leaders (both past and present) have been, how you all have failed to provide the basic amenities for the people you lead and rule over, how rotten our health sector is, how poor the majority of Nigerians are, and how super wealthy our Politicians are, I mean super super wealthy.

The past few weeks have revealed not too much that we did not already know about Nigeria and our wicked Leaders.

The coronavirus pandemic has been global for a while now; it even found its way into the country a month ago or so, through an Italian man, as it was reported in Lagos and Ogun States, but the Federal Government was still nonchalant about the whole pandemic, with Politicians cruising around the world with their wealth and kids, storming in and out of countries already battling with the pandemic, believing they were immune to the virus. The Italian man was even reported to have been healed from the virus, and life was as usual around the country, with no action taken by the government to protect its people from a possible outbreak of the coronavirus in the country.

It took the Chief of Staff to the President to test positive for the virus, and suddenly there was a wake up from slumber by a very careless government that does not obviously care about its people, even at this time, with all the show of deception and insincerity going on.

As soon as the Chief of Staff contracted the virus, a Presidential Task Force was formed, our wicked Politicians started to panic, queuing up for testing, an artificial lockdown got implemented, billions of naira donations started flying left, right, centre, more politicians tested positive, some tested negative, and so on.

I would like to inform you that Nigerians were not, and are still not fooled by the sudden gra gra, as we would locally say, because the truth is that, if the coronavirus was just a poor man disease, and could not affect our almighty super rich Politicians, we all know you would have not cared, and the billions would not have been flying over the air, as they are still doing.

Now you suddenly realised that the health sector is a mess and nothing to write home about; it took the coronavirus for you to realise that, and not the multiple deaths of Nigerians daily, as a result of the poor health sector, for you to realise that and act.

Still yet, we have not seen the mega hospitals you have build like China did in a couple of days, to fight the virus, despite all the billions donated; all we have seen is what GTB did within a few days in Lagos State, providing beds and other medical facilities, that we could see with out eyes and appreciate; something governments have not been able to do for years, and still have not done even in this pandemic.

The coronavirus, we all are praying will disappear soon, but most of us do not wish for you wicked Politicians to continue in your usual ways after this pandemic is gone. We want there to be a change in Nigeria, we want you to be humble and serve your people, but we do not know what may need to happen for this drastic change we so yearn for to occur.

We love our Leaders, and do not wish you evil, but as it is, it seems our Leaders do not love us and care about us, because if you did, we would have good roads, we would have good hospitals, we would have light, we would be employed, we would have good security, there would be less killings, you will cry with us when our loved ones are killed by boko haram and fulani herdmen, we would have a great educational system, you would care about how people would cope in an emergency lockdown without food in their homes and money in their pockets.

I wish you all well, but I hope you learn whatever lessons you need to learn from this pandemic and repent from your wicked ways.

Thank you.

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