Covid-19: British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, Placed On Oxygen By Doctors, Continues To Battle For Survival Against The Coronavirus

British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, who spent the night in intensive care, with a deteriorating case of the coronavirus, has been given oxygen, but is not on a ventilator, a Minister has said on Tuesday.

“The Prime Minister has received some oxygen support”, Senior Cabinet Minister, Michael Gove, told LBC radio, adding that, “he has not been on a ventilator”, but it is there, if needed.

Boris Johnson’s fight against the disease underscored the indiscriminate nature of Covid-19, which has restricted freedom for some four billion people, wrecked the global economy, and upended the society.

The pandemic’s relentless death march across the planet, has already claimed more than 73,000 lives, out of 1.32 million confirmed cases, with warnings that much worse is yet to come.

A record new surge of 833 deaths in France, and a jump in the Italian death toll, on Monday, doused tentative hopes of a beginning to the end of the agony in European hotspots.

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