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Today Is Exactly Two Years That The Fearless Ayodele Fayose Did What No One Has Ever Done In The History Of Nigeria; By Lere Olayinka

This is an opinion piece by Lere Olayinka.

Today, it is exactly two years that Ayodele Fayose (Osokomole) did what no one had done in Nigeria before. He fulfilled his promise of submitting himself to the EFCC less than 24 hours after he left office as Governor of Ekiti State.

By doing that,  Fayose put an end to the drama embarked on by a certain Ibrahim Magu,  who was using EFCC as instrument of persecution against perceived opponent of President Buhari and his APC. 

On September 16, 2018, Fayose had told Magu and his EFCC that:”EFCC, when a woman is being brought to you as a wife, you don’t have to peep through the window to see her. As I  said in my letter,  Insha Allah, I will be in your office on October 16, a day after the expiration of my tenure. 

“EFCC putting my name on watch list after notification of my coming is not only political but petty. I’m not among those who are afraid to face tomorrow. Nobody is God. 

“They should expect me on October 16, 2018.

“I will remain in PDP not minding their intimidation.”

True to his promise,  he was at the EFCC office in Abuja at about 1pm on October 16, 2018.

Not only that, Fayose appeared putting on a T-shirt with inscription EFCC I’M HERE! 
The T-shirt became famous among Nigerians, with several people wearing it to mock EFCC and solidarise with Fayose.  Some even produced it for commercial purpose.

Today,  it is two years of Fayose’s EFCC I’M HERE.

Fayose is facing his trial in high spirit while EFCC that made so much noise, with a tweet “The Parri is over; The cloak of immunity torn apart, and the staff broken…” that was to be deleted, was the one that had to get the judge handling the case changed. 

Also, Fayose is in his house, living his life. But where is the lousy Ibrahim Magu?
I am sure today,  Magu will be remembering what Fayose said then,  that “Those waiting for him will wait in vain.”

Has not Magu waited for Fayose in vain? 

Lere Olayinka 1, Irunmale Avenue, Agbonna Hill-Top Okemesi, Ekiti, 16/10/2020.

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