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EndSARS: An Open Letter To Vice President Yemi Osinbajo, You Must Realise That You And Your President And Governors Are Not Dealing With Fools

Dear Vice President Yemi Osinbajo,

I write this letter with utmost respect for you as a person, and also for your highly esteemed Office as Vice President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Please, pardon me if I sound a bit rude in this wake up letter to you and your government.

My name is Salisu Abdulai, I am the Publisher of Page 36.

I read the statement you posted on your social media platforms last night, in response to the ongoing EndSARS protests rocking the nation, and some other countries of the world by young Nigerians.

Mr. Vice President, you are a very respectable person among majority of Nigerians, as we see you like a sheep in the lion’s den, a saint among evil people, and some of us also see you as a possible change under this administration, but that is totally up to you.

Like I said, I read your statement in response to the biggest protests Nigeria has experienced in recent times, and the biggest protests a democratic government has faced in Nigeria since 1999.

With due respect, I felt your statement was what I would describe as “business as usual”, a situation where our trusted Leaders just spew out some sweet words which they know they would never see through, with an intent to outsmart the people, which they think are fools, just because we all always allow you Leaders have your way.

There is a saying that “nothing lasts forever”, and “everything that has a beginning, has an end”, you should be very familiar with these sayings.

Most of you, and even us your followers, never believed that a day like this will come, when the people will be fed-up, when the people who often ignored the failed government that has refused to live up to its responsibility, but try to figure out their lives all by themselves, will say enough is enough, and demand that you all get on your jobs and deliver that for which you were elected, or rigged yourselves into Office to do.

Oh well, that day has come, and the earlier you the Leaders begin to realise and quickly adjust to the reality now on ground, I think the better for all of us, as it will clearly no longer be business as usual.

This is not a time for releasing deceptive statements Sir, this is the time for action. And just like you acknowledged, this is beyond EndSARS or Police brutality!!! Nigerians are poor, Nigerians are suffering, Nigerians are tired, Nigerians want more, Nigerians want the best, we are hungry for success, we have big dreams and we need an environment where we can maximise our full potentials, we need a country we can all be proud of and can invite our friends from other countries to visit with pride, we need a booming economy where the money will be circulating and wealth is distributed, we need Leaders with love and compassion that cannot stand their followers being poor and lacking basic amenities, we need support and mentorship from the older generation, we need Leaders that are passionate and ready to work and hire the best teams to see them succeed, we need great roads, we need beautiful environments, even in villages, we need great schools, we need the Northerners to be rescued from abject poverty, we need world standard hospitals (not one was built even in a pandemic), we need the minimum wage to be at least N100,000 (yes Nigeria can afford it), we need huge payments for the Police most especially, so they can stop collecting cheap bribes, and build them fantastic offices too even in the villages, so they can finally get the respect they deserve from Nigerians, we need your (all top government officials) personal expenses drastically cut down in the nation’s budgets, so as to save money to develop Nigeria.

These and many more are what Nigerians demand from your government and subsequent governments, since you all do not seem to know the role and responsibility of the government and Leaders anymore.

These are things that need to be addressed in details as to the decisions your government is taking as regards them, and how you hope to implement them one after the other.

In conclusion, Nigerians this time, demand more than deceptive talks, we need details and specifics; realistic talks that would excite us, and change in your behaviours, especially that of Mr. President, who a very concerned citizen has described as a very bad boy.

Thank you for your time Mr. Vice President.

God bless you.

Salisu Abdulai,

Publisher, Page 36.

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  • I support this letter,but one thing is there’s know amount of that you could pays Nigeria police as a salary that will stop them from doing evil in society what Nigerians government needs in Nigerian police matter is total discipline and execution without any mercy against any Nigerian police who engaged into such atrocities started from the top man in the office to unit Commander and his 2ic of that station. Secondly let the federal Republic of Nigeria government and CBN learn to give out loans to Every unemployment youth in Nigeria both graduate and not graduate citizens with a well treseble family baground details’ just to add a little to the letter.

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