US Presidential Poll: Thousands Of Republicans Stage Rally In Washington, To Encourage Donald Trump, Declare 4 More Years

The President of the United States of America, USA, and Republican Party Candidate, in the November 3, Presidential election, Donald Trump, received some encouragement on Saturday, after his projected defeat in the election, as thousands of his supporters rallied in Washington, with the President making a drive-past in his motorcade, as he sticks to discredited claims that mass fraud denied him election victory, Page 36 learnt.

Marchers close to the White House, greeted President Trump’s brief appearance with wild cheers, waving, and whistles, holding signs and flags saying: “Best Prez ever”, “Stop the steal”, and “Trump 2020: Keep America Great”.

Several thousands of people had gathered by noon, on the city’s Freedom Plaza, with more still arriving from all sides, waving flags and shouting “Four More Years”, in a festive atmosphere reminiscent of a President Trump rally.

With right-wing militia group, the Proud Boys, also among those rallying, a large Security presence was deployed in the capital, to prevent clashes with anti-Trump events, scheduled outside the Supreme Court.

The latest tallies gave President Trump’s Democratic Party challenger, Joe Biden, a solid final win in the State-by-State Electoral College that decides the Presidency, with 306 votes against President Trump’s 232. 270 votes are required for a win in the election.

However, Margarita Urtubey, 49, a Horse Breeder, who flew in from Miami with her sister, told AFP that the election was “so corrupt”, adding that, “Trump won by a landslide. We are here to march for the ‘stop the steal’ of this election, to make our voice heard”.

Darion Schaublin, who drove from Columbus, Ohio, came to protest the fact that “the whole system is rigged… in the way that the information is getting to the people”.

“The truth never actually gets out”, said the 26-year-old, who said that he lost his job in a restaurant, after refusing to wear a mask as protection from Covid-19.

Schaublin estimated there was a “95 percent” chance President Trump would not have a second term, “and I am not sure of the legitimacy of that”.

The final two undeclared States were called on Friday, by US television networks, with Biden winning the former Republican stronghold of Georgia, in a close race, and President Trump winning North Carolina.

President Trump continues to impede Biden’s ability to prepare for his transition, ahead of the inauguration on January 20, 2021, and has filed numerous lawsuits, unsuccessfully, to challenge vote counts around the country.

On Friday, a Judge in Michigan, issued another rejection of the Republican Party’s claims of fraud.


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