Trump May Not Be Removed From Office Until January 20, Despite Making The Most Embarrassing History For A US President

The United States, US, House of Representatives, has voted to impeach President Donald Trump, for allegedly inciting last week’s violent Capitol siege, making him the first President in the history of the country to be impeached twice, Page 36 learnt.

A majority of the Lawmakers voted to impeach the controversial United States President, on Wednesday.

The outcome which was expected, comes only 7 days before President Trump leaves Office, and Democratic President-Elect, Joe Biden, is inaugurated.

The Democrat-controlled House, charged President Trump with inciting an insurrection, after a mob of his supporters riled up by his false claims of Presidential election fraud, stormed the Congress, and temporarily halted a joint session to certify Biden’s victory.

The House impeachment will lead to a trial in the Senate, where a two-third majority is needed to convict President Trump.

However, an outcome appears unlikely before Biden is sworn in as President.

The resolution is expected to pass in a bipartisan vote, with several Republican Lawmakers saying that they would join the Democrats in voting for the impeachment.

The impeachment came after Lawmakers debated the charge against President Trump, in the same Chamber that was evacuated a week ago, as his supporters stormed the Congress.

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