Nigerian Army Announces The Destruction Of Boko Haram Training Camp, Ammunition Depot, May End The War Against Terrorism In 2021

The Nigerian Army, has on Saturday, claimed to have destroyed another Boko Haram terrorists’ training camp and a suspected ammunition depot, in Borno State, Page 36 learnt.

According to a statement signed by the Army Spokesman, Major-General John Enenche, the operation was reportedly carried out by the Air Task Force of Operation Lafiya Dole, at Nuwar, in Bama area of the State, on January 14.

The statement read: “This was achieved . . . sequel to intelligence reports indicating that the cluster of huts and other structures in the settlement were being used to conduct combat training for the terrorists on a regular basis.

“Consequently, the Air Task Force, after conducting series of confirmatory aerial surveillance missions, dispatched an appropriate force package of Nigerian Air Force (NAF) helicopter gunships for a night air raid on the location.

“The helicopters scored devastating hits in the target area which led to the neutralization of several BHTs as well as the destruction of some of their structures, including the terrorists’ armoury, where multiple mini-explosions were observed amidst the raging fire. Several other terrorists were taken out in follow-on attacks by the helicopter gunships.

“The Armed Forces of Nigeria, operating in concert with other security agencies and stakeholders, will sustain the offensive against the enemies of our Great Nation. We shall not relent until peace and normalcy are restored not only in the North East but also in every other troubled region of our beloved country.”

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