BREAKING: President Buhari Declares That It Is Not His Responsibility To Protect Citizens In Different States, Especially The South, Says The Governors Know The People More Than He Does, And Should Get Busy And Take Action

President Muhammadu Buhari, has called on the 36 States Governors to stop the attacks by Fulani herdsmen in their respective States, Page 36 learnt.

The President in an interview with Arise TV, on Thursday morning, recalled that 2 South-West Governors recently visited him to complain about the encroachment by the killer herdsmen on farmlands in their States. 

Describing the attacks as a threat to food security in the country, President Buhari said: “You know these people more than I do, and you are democratically elected to protect your people. Do not sit idly expecting me to do everything, take action.”

Speaking further, President Buhari during the interview, claimed that all appointments he has made since he got elected into power in 2015, were based on merit and not ethnicity, contrary to other arguments and beliefs.

He disclosed that he cannot jettison seniority and merit for balance and Federal Character.

The President has been largely criticised over his lop-sided appointments which largely favour the Northern part of the country, where he hails from. 

The 1999 Constitution, as amended, states that major appointments and other privileges should be shared in such a way that they reflect Federal Character, and balance across the 36 States.

In the case of his recent appointment of Service Chiefs, the President defended his actions, stating that he cannot favour those who have spent shorter years in Service, over those that have stayed longer.

His words: “People who have been there for 18 years or even for 10 years, they trained in Zaria or in Abeokuta, they come through the ranks. And because they served under all the circumstances, the crisis and everything, and they gradually rise to that status, and you think you just pick somebody just to balance up? These positions have to be earned.”

The appointment of the new Chief of Army Staff, COAS, Maj.-Gen. Farouk Yahaya, however, contradicts this claim, as Yahaya was picked over many of his Seniors who have had more years in Service.

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