Vice President Yemi Osinbajo, Do Not Take The Comments You See Online As Hate, Nigerians Do Not Deserve To Have You As Their President Yet, Bola Tinubu Would Not Walk The Same Ground As You In A Normal Society, Hold Your Head Up, Stand Tall And Walk With Dignity; By Salisu Abdulai

An open letter to the Vice President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Professor Yemi Osinbajo

Dear Sir,

I hope this meets you well, if it ever does reach you.

My name is Salisu Abdulai, the Publisher of Page 36.

I am writing this letter to you, just to give you a different perspective of what some of us as citizens think about you and the events that played out both in you deciding to run for the Office of President in 2023, and also you losing out at your party, the All Progressives Congress’, APC, Presidential primary election on Wednesday.

I would like to start by congratulating you for actually stepping out to join the race for the 2023 Presidency, at a time most Nigerians were not sure you would be bold enough to declare, especially after the National Leader of your party and ‘King Maker’, in the person of Bola Tinubu, had already made it known that he would be running for the same Office; that was bold of you to still declare.

After the results of the primaries were announced yesterday, I have seen so many bad and mocking comments against your person littered on the social media. I have read comments like “betrayer”, “politics is not for small boys”, “politics is not for weak men”, and other comments basically mocking you for losing in the primary election to Bola Tinubu.

These comments made me think about us Nigerians, the way we perceive important matters, and had me questioning if we really want the change and great country we always say we do, but tend to act different when it comes to the real matters that can help us achieve the so-called change we claim to want, which I believe can only come from by first electing Great Leaders to run the country.


On this issue of betrayal, I, Salisu Abdulai, and I believe alongside millions of Nigerians, do not believe you are a betrayer. I do not believe that you deciding to join the race to become President of Nigeria, and probably do the things you were not able to do as Vice President, for obvious reasons, notwithstanding if Tinubu was running or not, makes you a betrayer. As far as I am concerned, you played very mature politics, and were 100 percent focused on your campaign, and never did I hear you say anything against Tinubu, whether directly or indirectly. Nobody has acknowledged or commended you for that, and so I commend you.

It is clearly not your fault that our people are not mature to the point of putting sentiments aside, and looking deeply to see why truly you decided to join the 2023 Presidential race. I could see through your intentions, and I could see that your mission had nothing to do with Tinubu or any of the other Aspirants, but to effect the things you have come to learn over the years as Vice President, which I believe you could not wait to finally implement and solve as President. For this, I dare to say that it is going to be a loss for Nigerians, and not you.


Vice President Osinbajo, myself and millions of Nigerians do not believe in any way that you are weak, both in your personal capacity and in your leadership capacity. A weak man cannot be recommended to be Vice President of a country like Nigeria. However, I do not think you are a perfect man, I mean, none of us is.

Also on this issue of weakness, I believe it is a subjective matter, as what other Nigerians may have considered as acts of weakness, some others may not have seen them as weakness.

A lot of Nigerians have said that, if you had condemned some of the bad policies of the President Muhammadu Buhari administration, and even stepped down during the EndSARS protests in October 2020, you would have displayed acts of a bold and strong Leader, and would easily have won the APC Presidential ticket by a landslide. To that, I completely disagree, as sometimes we need to apply wisdom in whatever we do. Even the Bible says “wisdom is the principal thing” (Proverbs 4:7). I believe you used wisdom, and whether or not it paid off, the future will determine. Remember also, that every disappointment is a blessing, and most times, it takes quite a while for us to see the blessing in that disappointment that may have looked like a curse at the time.

Politics is not for small boys

When I hear the same Nigerians that have cried over the past years that they are suffering, but make a comment like this over the election defeat of a man who we know has what it really takes to lead this country to greatness, but chose not to play the so-called game of heavily bribing Delegates, I feel so sad for us.

Statements like this make me lose hope for the future of the country, and any possibility for things to get better.

This kind of mentality is what is sinking Nigeria, because if our definition of small boys in politics in 2022, is based on their financial capacity and not their intellectual capabilities, then this also is not your fault Sir.

Finally, I do not know what the future hold for you, but it can never be anything less than the position you occupy at the moment, and although wanting to become the President of Nigeria is great, but who knows, just may be you dodged a great bullet you may be thankful to God for later. May be when Nigerians have grown up to realise your worth, potentials, capabilities, and great intentions for the country, when we realise and truly desire a great President, just may be then, if you are still interested and can pardon our stupidity displayed in 2022, you can run again.

God bless you Sir.

Salisu Abdulai,

Publisher, Page 36.

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