BREAKING: Nigeria Emerges As The Number 1 Most Cryptocurrency-Obsessed Country In The World, Under President Bubari’s Watch, Tops The List Of Nations Where ‘Cryptocurrency’, ‘Invest In Crypto’ And ‘Buy Crypto’ Were Most Searched, According To New International Report

Emerging report reaching Page 36 on Wednesday, indicates that Nigeria has emerged as the most cryptocurrency-obsessed country in the world, according to a new study by CoinGecko.

The research examined Google Trends data of search terms frequently used by people interested in cryptocurrency.

The terms were combined to give each English-speaking country a ‘total search score’, to discover those curious about cryptocurrency since the Market crash in April 2022.

Nigeria, with a total search score of 371, topped the list of nations where ‘cryptocurrency’, ‘invest in crypto’ and ‘buy crypto’, were most searched.

The United Arab Emirates, UAE, emerged second position with a total search score of 270. UAE’s population searched for the word ‘cryptocurrency’, and the term ‘invest in crypto’.

Singapore, in third position with a total search score of 261, had the third-highest level of searches for the term ‘buy crypto’, in addition to being the country with the most search for ‘Ethereum’.

The United Kingdom, UK, emerged fifth overall with a total search score of 198, and had the sixth highest level of searches for the term ‘buy crypto’, and the third-highest number of searches for ‘invest in crypto’.

The United States of America, USA, placed as 12th with a total search score of 157.

America had the tenth highest search levels for the term ‘buy crypto’, and was the sixth country most searched for ‘Solana’.

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